Tennis data - ATP and WTA

    Hi everyone,


    For tennis fans out there, I built 2 apps on for Women's tennis data (WTA) and one for men's (ATP).


    Jeff Sackman ! !was kind enough to share some tennis data and the apps are built on these. Please have a look at the script (the script itself is not elegant, but the point was to make the front-end. It is 2 phased:

    generate QVDs from the data files;

    build the final data model.

    You can use it to upload more data from Jeff Sackman's tennis data as soon as it becomes available.


    BELOW: NEW! "TennisData_v1.2.qvw" (further slight fixes: dated 23 April 2018). Combines Men and Women data under one app.

    New version 1.2:

    - Slight data model fixes.

    - Menu layout changed.

    - Player > Tournaments > Tournament Draw: [i] colour-highlight of winner, runner-up and 2 semi-finalist; [ii] Grand Slam Qualifier Draw.

    On Home page (via button option):

    - Imported tournament calendar from Wikipedia to show tournaments being played in current weeks (using week number).

    - Created a link to ATP and WTA RSS feeds to get latest articles from there.

    - New Davis Cup and Fed Cup pages under "Tournaments" menu.



    1. All files including empty sub-folders and one country Excel spreadsheet given in ZIP file;
    2. On Home Page: run "Refresh RAW Data" ("Loading Type" Input box) to fetch data from online tennis database, then select "Final DataModel" to populate the app with data;
    3. Once step "Final DataModel" is loaded, make sure the "Men" or "Women" is an 'always one selected value' in order not to get error messages for the menu navigation when 'clearing selections';
    4. Navigate to "Player > Tournaments > Tournament Draw" page and make sure "Round of 16 Onward" or "Full Tournament" is 'always one selected value'.

    Please note: I don't believe in the "Best Player Ever" discussion. However, seeing it is a question often asked, I tried using analytics to help answer the question.


    Have fun,




    P.S. Uses a "dropdownMenu" extension, I think by @Petra Bloem (dropdown menu extension: Veel bedankt, Petra). Attached are zip files of extension for v2.1 for ATP and WTA, respectively, which are colour-themed.