Tennis data - ATP and WTA

    Hi everyone,


    For tennis fans out there, I built 2 apps on for Women's tennis data (WTA) and one for men's (ATP).


    Jeff Sackman ! !was kind enough to share some tennis data and the apps are built on these. Please have a look at the script (the script itself is not elegant, but the point was to make the front-end. It is 2 phased:

    generate QVDs from the data files;

    build the final data model.

    You can use it to upload more data from Jeff Sackman's tennis data as soon as it becomes available.


    BELOW: NEW! ATP v3.1.1 - New ZIP file with required sub-folder structure. No need to keep and update CSVs with data, the script will automatically fetch updated data from GitHUB.


    Please note: I don't believe in the "Best Player Ever" discussion. However, seeing it is a question often asked, I tried using analytics to help answer the question.


    Have fun,




    P.S. The v1.9s are Qlik with tabs. v2.1 is with an "dropdownMenu" extension, I think by @Petra Bloem (dropdown menu extension: Veel bedankt, Petra). Attached are zip files of extension for v2.1 for ATP and WTA, respectively, which are colour-themed.