Qlik Community Tip: Profile Pictures & Avatars


    As a member of Qlik Community, we encourage you to personalize your account by adding a Profile Picture and an Avatar image. Avatars appear beside your name when you post a question or participate in the community, and Profile Pictures appear when you hover your cursor over a name in the community. Adding a unique image helps to distinguish your posts from others, and allows other members to see a little bit of your personality.


    How to Add a Profile Picture

    Log in to the Qlik Community and open Account Menu


    When you are logged in, click your name in the upper right corner of any community page to open your account drop-down menu.


    User Info.jpg

    From there, choose "View Profile" or "Edit Profile."


    Personal Menu - Edit Profile.jpg


    If you click on "View Profile," you will be taken to your profile page. On this profile, there is currently no Profile Picture.


    Profile - No Profile Picture.jpg


    To the right of where the Profile Picture would appear, click on "Add Your Photo" to add a Profile Picture or Avatar.


    Add Your Photo.jpg

    Avatar & Photos Page

    This brings you to the Avatar & Photos - Profile Photos page. If you choose "Edit Profile" from your account drop-down menu, you will be taken directly to this page. Here, you can see there are currently no Profile Photos.


    Profile Photos (Empty).jpg


    Add Primary Photo

    Under the first placeholder marked Primary photo, click on "Add photo."


    Profile Photos - Add Photo.jpg


    Upload a Photo


    On the Upload a Photo page, click "Choose File" to select an image from your computer, then click "Upload & Continue."

    7 Profile Photos - Upload.jpg


    Crop Your Photo

    You may choose to use a portion of your image or the full image as your Profile Picture. Click "Crop Photo" when finished cropping, or choose "Upload a different photo" to use a different image.

    9 Profile Photos - Cropped.jpg

    Review and Finish

    If you are satisfied with your cropped image, choose Finish to complete. If you want to make further changes, choose "Crop your photo again."

    10 Your Photo & Avatar - Review and finish.jpg


    Profile Photo Added

    After choosing Finish, you will return to the Profile Photos page with your cropped image showing as your Primary photo. You may add more photos by selecting "Add photo" below the empty photo slots. When you are finished added photos, scroll down to view the Avatar selection portion of the page.

    11 Profile - Primary Photo Added.jpg

    How to Remove a Profile Picture

    To remove an image you uploaded, go to the Profile Photos page and select "Remove" under the photo you want to remove. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm. Click "Okay" to remove the photo or "Cancel" to leave it in place.


    12 Profile - Remove Primary Photo - Are you sure.jpg


    How to Add an Avatar Image

    Select an Avatar

    Below the Profile Photos portion of the Avatar & Photos page, you will find the Avatar portion. Select an avatar from the selection provided or choose one of the photos you added earlier. Up to 5 of your uploaded photos will automatically appear here for your selection.

    13 Profile - Avatars.jpg

    After selecting your preferred Avatar, click "Finished."


    Upload an Avatar

    You may also choose "Add another avatar" to upload a new image into the Avatar selection. Follow the same process you used to upload a Profile Picture earlier. Choose the file from your computer, upload it, crop it, and finalize it.

    Profile - Avatars - Upload an Image.jpg


    Crop Your Avatar

    16 Profile - Avatars -Crop Your Image.jpg

    Review and Finish

    18 Your Photo & Avatar.jpg

    When you click "Finish" to set your cropped image, you will return to the Avatar & Photos page with your new Avatar image selected and a confirmation message. Click "Finished" at the bottom to complete.

    17 Profile - Avatars - Your Avatar Has Been Added.jpg



    How to Change or Remove an Avatar

    To change your avatar, simply click on one of the Avatar selections available and click "Finished." If you want to change your Avatar back to the default, choose the green silhouette icon near the end of the Avatar selection and click "Finished."


    To remove an Avatar image you added, click "Delete" below the Avatar you want to remove, then click "Finished."