Google DoubleClick Offline Conversions



    The challenge was to connect offline conversion with online actions and then upload the offline conversion into our bidding plataform in Google DoubleClick or Google Adwords.


    The application im uploading is using Google DoubleClick API to upload the offline conversion, this helps us to optimize for an specific offline event.


    Example: If you are a car dealership, you can optimize for customers that signup for a free test trial, but maybe you would like to optimize for the customers that actually went to the dealership and took the test drive/trial, if you enable the auto tagging in google you should see GCLID that is added in the final url. This ID you need to parse and push on the submission of the form, then once the customer has taken the test drive, you push this ID back to Google to activate an offline conversion.


    Here a copy of what I built!


    hope you enjoy.