Qlik Community Tip: Edit Your Profile


    Qlik Community and Qlik ID

    To create an account in the Qlik Community, simply log in with your Qlik ID. If you do not have a Qlik ID, you can create one on www.qlik.com. The Qlik Community uses your Qlik ID to populate the identifying fields of your Qlik Community account information. After you log in to the Qlik Community you can add more information about yourself to Your Profile.


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    Enter Edit Profile Mode

    To edit your profile, click your name in the upper right corner of any Qlik Community page, and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu that appears:


    Community Name Drop Down.jpg

    Community Name Drop Down Edit Profile.jpg


    Your Profile - Account Fields

    The account fields on your Profile cannot be changed using your Qlik Community settings, because they are linked to your Qlik ID account. The account fields include Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. In order to change or update any of these fields, you will need to contact our Customer Support team through the Support Portal.


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    Account Classification

    Certain areas of the community or actions within the community are available to members based on their account classification, including but not limited to Customer, Partner, and Employee designations. Please be aware that account classification is tied to the account fields, therefore changes to your account information may result in changes to your community classification and access. For example, a Partner who changes their the email on their account from an employer's email to a personal email address (e.g. gmail) will lose the Partner classification.


    Edit Your Profile

    While in the Edit Profile mode, you can add more information about yourself in the "Your Profile" tab. If you feel comfortable, share a little about yourself with the other members of the community. If you have a blog or a website, add it as well so that others can check it out after meeting you in the community. After making any changes, hit the Save button at the bottom.


    Edit Profile Your Profile Blank 1A.jpgEdit Profile Your Profile Blank 2A.jpg



    Next, in the Privacy tab, you will be able to chose who can see your profile information for each field. After changing the selections in the drop-down menus, hit the Save button.


    Edit Profile Privacy Full 1A.jpg

    Preview Your Profile

    On the Privacy page, use the box in the right column to Preview Your Profile to see what it looks like to other people by selecting one of the categories from the drop-down menu. Click Close in the upper right corner of the window to return to the Privacy page.


    Profile Preview Registered Users.jpg