Data Conection Sense Server without internet

    I had to install the version of Sense September 2017 on a server without internet and I found the problem that the data connections took me 20 minutes to appear and to create a new data connection. The option that I solved it was to modify the configuration files of these connections in the following way:




    Go to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data". You will see folders like QvDataMarketConnector, QvOdbcConnectorPackage, QvRestConnector and QvSalesforceConnector.

    Inside each folder there would be a config file. Ex: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvRestConnector\QvRestConnector.exe.config.

    Edit config file and add below code just before closing </configuration> tag.

    " <runtime>

         <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

    </runtime> "


    Save file and do the same on Central and all RIM nodes. Make sure to stop services before making any changes.