Qlik Sense Scalability Tools (Sense v2.X Legacy package)

    This package (referred to as Qlik Sense Scalability Tool) contains a complete set of tools for easy creation, execution and analysis of load/performance tests.

    Note: Using windows built-in unzip functionality will not allow the .exe to launch unless unblocking zippedpackage first (properties -> unblock).


    This package exist only for legacy reason to support load testing towards Sense v1.1. For any newer version of sense please use the package located at: Qlik Sense Scalability Tools (Sense v3.x, June/Sepember/November 2017)


    The content is the same as Qlik Sense Scalability Tools v4.1.2 with removed support for sense versions other than v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2


    Included parts are:

    • Standalone application for creating and executing a simulation script
    • Documentation on how to use the package
    • Regression analyzer
    • Benchmarking package
    • App evaluator package

    Your use of Qlik Sense Scalability Tool will be subject to the same license agreement between you and Qlik for your Qlik Sense License. Qlik does not provide maintenance and support services for the Qlik Sense Scalability Tool, however please check QlikCommunity for additional information on use of these products.