Send an SMS alert using NPrinting

    So, how to send KPI results to a user by SMS rather than email so you can get a result like the one below. This could be used for daily or hourly status messages to Senior Execs, for operation direction to the salesforce or the distribution team, or for conditional based alerting when KPI results meet a certain criteria. There are so many use cases here... I've also added an example in Arabic (google translate version) to show right to left language capability in the SMS.


    SMS Arabic image 2.jpg


    It's actually reasonably simple but you do require a 3rd party SMS gateway to perform the translation of an email to an SMS. All telco operators offer these services, and a number of other web based operators too, and all work in much the same way as the example here.



    Step 1 - Setup your SMS Gateway provider account


    I have used TextMagic for this example as it's easy to work with and offers a free trial with some minimal credit for testing.


    Other services that will work in a similar way (and may be cheaper)



    Step 2 - Setup your NPrinting instance with the user to receive the SMS


    Your SMS gateway provider will indicate the email format for the mobile number you wish to send the SMS to. For example, with TextMagic the format is for the telephone number +44 7085 1234567 (a clearly made up number).

    This is the email address to assign to the user in NPrinting. Note: It is likely that you will have 2 NPrinting user accounts for a single individual if they receive SMS alerts and other reports from NPrinting (hub, newstand, email attachments etc).

    Step 3 - Create your HTML report (or import the one attached along with the example application)

    The HTML report is very simple. It looks like this in the NPrinting Designer Editor window and is looking at Gauge objects as tables.




    Step 4 - Setup your Publish Task


    Go through the normal setup process.

    • Add the report you have created in step 3 (as HTML output)
    • Assign your users (the SMS user you wish to send to as per step 2)
    • Check that the destination for the user is email
    • In the email section use the tags to embed the report content (and perhaps the users name etc)
    • Add a trigger to schedule the report
    • Save the changes




    Step 5 - run the publish task and receive the SMS


    It's pretty easy eh!






    • Ensure that your user is assigned to a role in NPrinting. If no role is assigned the email will not be sent.
    • Ensure the sending email address, as per the email message in step 4, is included in the TextMagic allowed emails
    • Ensure you have some credit left on TextMagic as this will stop things working too...