NPrinting Unsupported QV Items

    Below QlikView document items are NOT supported in NPrinting 16 or NPrinting 17.

    Please remove these items from the QlikView document(QVW) before you use it for NPrinting.

    • Alternate states
    • Trigger - both sheet, document and any 'actions' triggers within text boxes objects
    • List box and Multibox which contains property 'always one selected'
    • Containers within a container (also, move objects out of containers for best NPrinting reporting experience - NP reports can only generate output for the selected container object).
    • Any third party extension objects
    • Alternate identities

    Additionally here are unsupported QV items with respect to On Demand reporting:

    • Variable selections used from Input buttons as triggers to select data
    • Input Boxes

    Other unsupported items:

    • Merged Cells in NPrinting Excel Report Templates. These will cause reporting failures or unexpected reporting results

    *Any of these items above have the potential to prevent successful NPrinting Connections*



    • Please note that this solution will be required for the foreseeable future. Although this is on the long term R&D road map (2 or more years out) there will be no near term solution within the software to manage these items. The workaround mentioned in the resolution section below needs to be used in the interim.
    • Until Unsupported Items are removed from the QVW, you will continue to encounter unpredictable reporting results including failed report generation or incorrect report output.
    • In NPrinting 17, the connection verification tool does not check for unsupported items
    • NPrinting 16 is not compatible with NT security. NTNAME, NTDOMAINSID and NTSID are not supported in Section Access.
    • Connection pseudo-URLs in the format qvp://[[username][@]]hostname[:port|;protocol]/docname in NPrinting connections are NOT supported. More information on Connection-pseudo URLs:




    Copy the primary QVW

    • Remove the items mentioned in the article description
    • Save the copy with NP in the title ie: myqwvNP.qvw
    • Binary load the new NP reporting qvw to the original qvw
    • Use the copied QVW for reporting purposes in the NP connection


    About connecting Qlik NPrinting to a QlikView document refer to Creating connections ‒ Qlik NPrinting