QVD Reduction Tool

         The volume of data is growing daily, making it almost impossible to develop applications with all the data.

    • But why should all data be loaded?
    • How about having a small portion for development and then homologation with concrete data?

         Some people will say: but what can I split in Publisher? Right?
    1º Many customers do not have such a resource;
    2º Only QVW's uploaded can be split through Publisher creating other QVW's;
    Thinking about this scenarios, I share this code to assist them creating QVDs with a limited amount of records, making Qlik development easier.
    It is a simple and fast logic, but it can be customized if your tables have a specific field for sorting data.
    Clients that development/staging databases does not respect the productive environment, it can be scheduled to replicate information to developers
         PS: I recommend run this task after all extractions/transformations have sucessfully executed.

    Ricardo Gerhard

    QVReduc.zip (128.0 K) Download