Source files in my script

    Hello all,


    I often want to find what files I am using in a script which means either a 'find' within the script or File>Export to script file from within the script editor.


    I believe that from v10 this can be achieved using meta data but I am still on v9


    The attached vbs will prompt for the name of a .txt or .qvs (exported script file) and a string to search for (default = 'from') and then present the line numbers and the full line containing the search string in a .txt created in the 'temp' folder. The search is performed 'caseless' and it doesnt matter about leading spaces in the lines being searched. The .txt file can be saved and perhaps loaded with others into a .qvw to help documentation. I could have written it to interface with the standard file browser but this only seems to work with XP.


    Anyways, if its of any value here it is. As with any vbs I would recommend you review the code before running to make sure you are happy with what it will do.