Masking data in QlikView

    Typical situation demo is tomorrow and we need to hide some sensitive information from the users like people names and addresses


    Here we have "Mothly pancake cunsumtion by word famos tennis players" (or winning by eating )  QlikView dashboard


    Obviously it is a TOP SECRET information. No one should know the magic number of pancakes required to eat to win the championship.



    This can be easily done by using ETL Tools QlikView connector. First field holds the ranking, first name, last name and country and it is space delimited.

    We split the data first using Splitter object and space as delimiter, than we join first name, last name back using joiner object. Country code has some brackets so we remove them using delete characters function.


    ETL_QlikViewConnector_3.pngNext step to mask/encode the data. We do that by using Lower case + Replace characters + Proper case functions.

    ETL_QlikViewConnector_5.pngThe key here is Replace characters function. every character from the top part is replaced with the character from the bottom Q is replaced with A so we get completely unreadable data



    Result of transformation



    Let load the data into QlikView:



    And here is our data:



    More Information about QLikView connector:


    ETL-Tools QlikView Connector is an ideal tool for customers who are working with complex and bad quality data. Cleaning and conforming the data can be tedious task. ETL-Tools QlikView Connector gives the users ability to transform and validate the data while loading it QlikView. It has more than 300 functions and can load the data from Flat files, Excel, MS Access, DBF, FoxPro, ODBC, OLE DB, MS Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, POP3 + SSL, File System, XML and even QVX files.


    ETL-Tools QlikView Connector can transform and validate Strings, Numbers, Dates, Postcodes, phone numbers, Driving licences and much more. All this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.