Call a web service via SOAP, HTTP Get or HTTP Post

    I recently needed to illustrate how QlikView can be used to call a web service via SOAP. I could not find anything on community that actually made a SOAP call, so I put together this proof of concept application.



    I found a public web service on the web that can be called via a HTTP Get, HTTP Post or SOAP method and built this app to show how each can be done. In each case I have used vbscript and the XMLHTTP object to call the web service and get the XML back (ie. standard AJAX approach). The app fetches stock price data (plus a little more with the SOAP method) on the company that you select from the stock ticker list box. The app shows the data that is submitted and the data that is returned (generally an XML document) by each method. Simply select a stock ticker value from the list box and click on the relevant button to call each macro.


    The web service used is If you navigate to this page in a web browser you will see how the web service documents the options for communicating with the service and the format of the data required to be sent and the fomat that will be received.


    Please note that you must set module security to "Allow Any Macro" when prompted on opening the application.