QlikView Expressor: Writing to Auto-Incremented and Calculated Database Table columns

    Originally published on 07-21-2011 08:03 AM


    When a database table has an auto-incremented or calculated column, your data integration application cannot write to these columns. Beginning with the Expressor Studio 3.1.2 release, it is extremely easy to indicate to the Write Table operator that these columns should not be  included in the generated SQL statement.

    Within the Schema  artifact, create a second Composite Type and remove the attribute, in  this example, the attribute corresponding to the SubscriberID column, as  shown in the following figure.  Then there is no attribute  corresponding to the auto-incremented column and it will be impossible  to incorrectly attempt to write to this column.  The composite type  initially created within the Schema will still include this attribute  and you can use this type when reading from the table


    You can use the same approach for calculated columns.