Dataflow Steps - Multi Step Dataflows

    Did you know you can create a multi-step dataflow in expressor Studio?




    Use additional steps when:


    • you want to break apart dataflows into smaller digestible tasks
    • you want to add additional orchestration or coordination to a dataflow, such as file and database management
    • you want to control order of execution
    • dataflows have or require dependencies on other dataflows or data sources, such as refreshing Lookup tables
    • when debugging to test one part of a dataflow
    • You can also rearrange and enable or disable steps when developing.


    Here is the sequence:


    • Select the Add Step button from the Steps section of the Dataflow Build tab on the ribbon bar.
    • A new Step tab is added beneath the Dataflow panel.
    • Right click the tab to rename, delete, enable or disable or use the buttons on the ribbon tool bar above.
    • Click on the tab name and hold to drag into desired sequence.