The Read File Operator -  make sure to Skip rows if needed

    If you are reading delimited files that contain header rows, PLEASE make sure that you have set the Skip rows: property in the Read File operator to "skip" the string based header row(s) at the top of the file. I have been burned by this a few times as certain rules on String based data will pass and it may not be noticeable at first. If you have numeric or date components in your data and you are translating them to the appropriate numeric or date data types and formats using semantic mappings, these will fail - most likely with a TRANSLITERATE-1003-A error.




    Read Contacts from File - TRANSLITERATE-1003-A: Error parsing datetime field 'Birthdate' into attribute 'Date_and_Time': The string 'Date_and_Time' is not a valid datetime according to the specified format (M*/DD/CCYY H*24:MI). (LoadContactsToSFFromFileNonStandardLayout.LoadCon tactsToSF)


    Here is my Header Row:


    ID,Account,Email,F_Name,L_Name,Address,City,State, Zip,Phone_Number,IP,Date_and_Time,Source


    Note the column "Date_and_Time"


    The error occurred because as it reads in the data from the file - If I don't skip the first row, the actual column Date_and_Time is actually read in as a data value: "Date_and_time" and not as a date value such as - 6/24/2010 5:32