Using INLINE Statement to manage variables



    for a project we are using a significant amout of varibles most of them related to a timestamp.

    To manage al possible outcomes and get insight in al the exceptions used we introduced the INLINE Statement to put al values into a table.

    With the values of the time stamp used to fill in some fields a good insight into the values and depencies has been realised.


    Here's an example(simplified):


    let vToday = today() -1;
    let vYear = year ($(vToday));
    let vPrevYear = $(vYear) - 1;
    let vtmpStartDate = date(monthstart($(vToday))); // for extraction Daily Sales

    load * inline [

    var_name, var_formula, var_value, var_comment, var_usage

    vToday,"today()-1",'$(vToday)',"current date deffered by 1"
    vtmpStartDate,"date(monthstart((vToday)))" ,'$(vtmpStartDate)',"// for extraction Daily Sales "
    vPrevYear,"(vYear) - 1",'$(vPrevYear)',""