Loading QVD files into the datawarehouse

    Imagine the following situation you are SQL Sever DBA and you have several QVD files. Your boss just asked you to load them into the database.


    First question to ask is how to check what is inside of them?


    We are at ETL-Tools.com a have a solution freeware Q-Eye QlikView files viewer, it supports both QVD and QVX files.

    Q-Eye Freeware QlikView files viewer .png
    Next question is: How to load QVD file  into the database?


    We have a solution for it as well: Advanced ETL Processor.


    Advanced ETL Processor works directly with more than 29 data sources and one of them is QVD files. On top of that it woks with JDBC, ODBC and Ole DB which extends it even further. It has more than 300 data transformation and validation function. Everything is Graphical so the user can see the result immediately


    This video tutorial demonstrates how the user can load data from QVD file into the data warehouse in minutes.


    Load QVD File into the database.png

    There are 3 editions of Advanced ETL Processor available


    • Standard for desktop uses
    • Professional for developers
    • Enterprise for complex implementations with advanced workflow tasks and automation


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