QlikView Expressor: Licensing

    There are three versions of the QlikView Expressor product.

    • Desktop Edition: The free downloadable product that includes a fully functional install of Studio, a graphical application development tool.
    • Standard Edition: A licensed version that includes Studio, the Data Integration Engine and Repository and enables usage of up to 8 CPUs/cores.
    • Enterprise Edition: A licensed version that includes Studio, the Data Integration Engine and Repository and enables usage of an unlimited number of CPUs/cores.



    All three versions provide read and write connectivity to many data sources including relational database management systems, Excel workbooks, delimited files, SalesForce and QlikView QVX files, and parallel multi-processor, multi-threaded execution.


    There are two separate installers.

    • The QlikViewExpressorDesktopInstaller executable installs only Studio.
    • The QlikViewExpressorFullInstaller executable can be used to install Studio, the Data Integration Engine, and/or the Repository service.


    Generally there is no need to install a license into Studio regardless of which version of QlikView Expressor you have deployed.  If you have purchased the Standard or Enterprise versions, an unlicensed Studio install will support development of Repository Workspaces and the creation of deployment packages.  The only reason to license a Studio install is to enable the teradata parallel transport operator if you have purchased this option to the Enterprise version.


    It is necessary to license both the Data Integration Engine and Repository.  If you have installed both of these components onto the same computer, you only need to perform the licensing procedure one time as the license enables both components.  Obviously, if you have installed the components onto different computers, you will need to perform the licensing procedure multiple times.


    In order to license these components, you will first receive a license key and control number from QlikTech.  The license key is a 16 character numeric string while the control number is a 5 character numeric string.  You supply these as arguments to the elicense command line utility, which then downloads the actual license file from a QlikTech computer.


    After installing the Data Integration Engine and/or Repository, open an Expressor command window by selecting the Start > All Programs > expressor > expressor3 > expressor command prompt menu item.  Then issue the elicense command with the following four command line arguments.

    elicense -l license_key -c control_number -u user_name -o organization_name


    After the actual license has been downloaded and installed, you can confirm its accuracy by issuing the following command.

    elicense -v -d

    The screen will display the details of your license. 


    The following video demonstrates how to use the elicense command line utility to install a license.