Why we created QVD Editor

    The Problem


    When we work with new customers quite often we can see a lot of QVD files.

    Some of them are quite old and no one is able to tell what is inside and why they were created.

    Traditional way of dealing with this problem was creating script and loading it in to QlikView.

    Which is a lot of work if there are a lot QVD files

    We just wanted to able to see the content of QVD file.


    The Solution


    So we created Q-Eye and instead of writing QlikView script we can just double click on the QVD file to see it content. 


    Later we released that it will be really great to be able to edit QVD/QVX files.


    And this functionality was introduced in Q-Eye version 2:


    Edit both QVD and QVX Files, Save as QVD, QVX, XML, Excel and SQL Insert Scripts

    Add/Move/Delete/Rename Fields, Add/Delete Rows, Copy, Cut and Paste

    Field Statistics, Rename Table, QlikView Load Script Generation

    Rename Table, Multi Document Interface, Operation system integration


    Partial Load

    Highly optimized code (Only 3.2 mb)

    64 bit aware (will use more memory on 64 bit windows)


    Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions


    Q-Eye can be dowloaded from: