QlikView 10/11 version 4.1

    Old - Version 4.1, Updated on 10/31/2012. There is a new version available for QV11 only, located at http://community.qlik.com/qlikviews/1396


    This app was created by Michael Terenzi of QlikView Support, and boasts a number of new features:


    10-31-2012 3-48-52 PM.png



    NewFeatures in v4.1:

    • Added additional scripting for Scalability Center aggregations
    • Included new application 'ServerDocumentAggregator.qvw' for submission to Scalability Center
    • Included version 4.1 integration into the Deployment Framework developed by Magnus Berg
    • Added new table/script tab titled 'QVSRestarts' that will show when QVS restarts in Log Analyzer tab
    • Minor script adjustment in QVS Events for File field
    • Adjusted Publisher scripting to accomodate missing execution history files
    • Adjusted the Client Build field and Server Build field to better reflect current build
    • Reworked the script for Mgmt, DSC, and WebSrvc tabs. Added a switch for system time clocks set to 'yyyy-MM-dd' (e.g. Swed server = 2012-09-10 00:00:00.1497641)




    • Performance logs now part of the Log Analyzer tab
    • IIS HTTPERROR logging included
    • Setup tab is much easier (removed 20 input fields)
    • Follow a Walkthrough on the Setup tab
    • Button for default WinServer 2008 settings in Setup tab
    • Architecture will self-populate 100%
    • Bug fixes****most importantly a fix for the over-counting of user sessions due to Audit Logging duplicity *****
    • Added some new concurrent session objects
    • Visibility into field selection values via Audit Logs
    • Included tracing in the script
    • Quick links to the Customer Portal, Partner Portal, and the QlikCommunity
    • Reload out of the box for standalone environments with click of a button
    • Directory Service, QV Web Service, Management Service, SAP, and Publisher logs (non-QVPR) are incorporated into this data model so users get a full overview of what is going on with the system
    • Users can deirect the application towards their custom log paths via input box on the Setup tab
    • It is "smart," so if there is missing/non-existent source data, it should still reload without errors.
    • The Audit Log statistics are linked to Sessions via IntervalMatch so users are better able to see who is doing what, and when.
    • The document provides the ability to see if any users are using an out-of-date IE Plugin (quite a common occurrence we see in Support)
    • Publisher statistics are based on Distribution Service logs, not the QVPR. This allows users who are using a SQL repository to have access to this information without having to manipulate any script
    • View common Browser and Client to give the Admins a broader view of the users' most popular client types
    • A listing of the most common default log locations
    • Checks for SAP Connector errors - Users can open the SAPConnectorLog.qvw from Desktop or Plugin clients
    • Ability to email Support from within the application



    Instructionsfor use:

    • Verify your logs are in the default locations and adjust as needed in the Setup tab
    • Clear Defaults (button) in Setup tab and enter Required Components
    • See attached instructions for Windows Event Viewer instructions and additional information regarding this version
    • Save and reload!


    *** This application is not supported by QlikTech, so use it at your own discretion.


    *** Please be cautions when visiting the new "Log Analzyer" tab. If you are in too large of a time period/scope, you will encounter high resource usage. It is best to be drilled into a day or have a filter setup to do it for you when you enter the sheet.



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