QlikView App: MongoDB Prototype

    This new demo shows how MongoDB can be queried from within QlikView via REST interface. In MondoDB v1.3.4+ this interface is disabled by default. You have to use --rest on the MongoDB command line to enable.


    We have built a _get_JSON_data function which handles JSON data to persist into a XML file. The XML file can be loaded then into QlikView the regular way.


    In the this QlikView MongoDB example you can configure variable parameters:


    • MongoDB Host
    • Database
    • Collection
    • Limit Rows
    • Filter (Where)


    You can see the usage of these parameters in the load script.


    The whole thing is a two-step approach (see the QlikView script):


    • Step 1: call _get_JSON_data(..) with the right params to get the JSON data and store into a XML file
    • Step 2: Take a look into the created XML file and build your own load script part to integrate the data from the XMLfile


    Have fun with MongoDB! Any comment or feedback will be appreciated.


    - Ralf