Getting Started with QlikView - Download and Install

    Get started with QlikView by first downloading and installing the QlikView Desktop product. This is video #1 in the multi-part Getting Started with QlikView video series designed to help you become more familiar with QlikView. Videos that will follow will cover connecting to and querying data, creating chart objects, defining expressions, and much more. Let's get started!


    Note: Sample data used in the video series is attached to this post. I have included a Microsoft SQL Server backup file (.bak) or a multiple tab Excel file (.zip). If you wish to use this data, it will require you to restore or import it to your own Microsoft SQL Server.


    You could also use QlikView to access the Excel files directly if you choose. We will cover the New Document Wizard a bit later in the video series.


    For best viewing results, view the video in a higher resolution and full screen.


    Note the location for the download is available by clicking the TRY or BUY button on the main page at




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