QMSEDX Enhanced

    Enhanced version of QlikTech QMSEDX program:


    • default timeout set to 24 hours instead of one minute
    • change the qms param from URL to server name
    • default TraceLevel set to Verbose
    • retry on failure (3 times max, 10s betwwen each try)
    • new option: nowait (not compatible with tasks chaining!)



    QMSEDX.exe -qms="my_qv_server" -task="my task"


    The most important fix IMO is "retry on failure". QlikTech R&D has confirmed me there were some socket/connections issues with version 11.0 which may crash QMSEDX, this enhanced version won't crash and will retry on error. Version 11.2 also have some issues on this when the server is heavily loaded for example.


    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!



    • Fix a small bug in the retry system



    • Fix a bug in the 'nowait' option



    • Improve retry system


    v1.0.4 - Not needed anymore, please upgrade to QlikView 12 SR1

    • Special version for QlikView 12

    QlikView v11/v12