List of the QDF Documentation and Tools

    The following is a list of the documentation and tools included with the QlikView Deployment Framework:


    • QlikView Deployment Framework Deploy Tool
      Installation utility to setup the initial administration containers, libraries, tools and samples in the desired QlikView Source Document root folder.

    • Deployment Framework Editor(s)
      3 QlikView applications that requires QlikView Desktop. These utilities manage the setup of containers, variables and templates.


    The following documentation:


    • Read Me
      Covers installation of the QlikView Deployment Framework and the Deploy Tool
    • Getting Started Guide
      Provides an overall understanding of the framework basics and how to start installing and developing.
    • Operations Guide
      Guide for QlikView Administrators that are responsible for maintaining the platform and managing security, tasks and containers.
    • Development Guide
      Guide for developers to learn how to work with QDF in an efficient way. It includes content on naming conventions, data modeling, optimization and other guide lines regarding development and exercises.
    • Deployment Guide
      Guide for project manager and platform owners to manage the QlikView development, test, acceptance, production process.
    • Deployment Framework Core Documentation
      Detailed documentation regarding the content and design of the QlikView Deployment Framework Core (folder structure, script and sub function logic).
    • QlikView Deployment Framework Education Exercises
      Several document QlikView examples and exercises to assist in learning the power of QDF