QLIK Images GALLERY (only PDF) with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis


    I attach a new images from the Google, FaceBook, Instagram and Qlikview Web Site (+70 pages!) with a particular image collection from the world "QlikTech". (integrated old version this document).


    I wanted to create a true "QLIK album" that would portray the many figures, people, images and colors that characterize the entire movement (now become such)!

    Good "immersion" at all, so many images, memories and feelings;-)

    First the Web Site, icons, logos, promos etc etc, and still Pdf documents, many images radirectly from Community Area, all strictly in order "associative", so do not let me in deceit except, there is no index but it is all connected;-)

    This material will be useful for the "graphic theme" of the dashboard, making them members of the "live motive" QlikView, as in presentations and documentation of project / training / demo.

    As previously mentioned, you can manipulate them into PPT as you want, change the color, background, size, gradients and much more.

    This link will show you a video and a similar document.

    Icons with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis.rar

    Modify Icons with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis

    Good vision. (first overview page)  

    QLikTech major Album On the World.png