QlikView App: Advanced_Search_Syntax_Builder

    I have put together the attached QVW for ease of selecting any field within a QVW using the $Field, pasting a "list" of values (each must be in their own line) to an input object, then applying the values to the selected field. This can be accomplished by adding the variables & objects into your existing QVW.

    If the desire is to not add this to your QVW, you can use this QVW to create the OR syntax by pasting the list into the script's inline table.  Provide the Field name to the inline table that corresponds to your QVW.  You will be able to copy the OR script to your list box's Advanced Search. Please note that there is a character limitation when pasting a large script to a table column drop down, a multi box drop down or search box. For large scripts, add a list box of the desired field, right click, select Advanced Search, paste then click Go! Let me know if this is helpful.  It sure helps me!