How to pass information in document_chaining



    we once had the requirement that

    - management should have a Dashboard to themselves

    - every team on the shopfloor should have a Dashboard

    - the mgmt_dashboard should just show the bottom_line of the important KPIs (green/ red) out of every team_dashboard.

    - Mgmt should also have the possibility of clicking in their Dashboard on any red status_light (indicating a negative bottom_line in one
       KPI) and thereby automatically open the team_dashboard with that KPI and, if possible, that very sheet.

    => Thus we had the need to pass the info of which KPI's status_light had been pressed to the team_Dashboard.

    => Here's one way (there are sure to be more) of doing this:


    - Create an inline table with all possible pieces of information you might want to pass to the opened dashboard in every Dashboard
      => a qvs file seems a good idea in that case, so you don't have to type that every time

    - In the trigger_dialog for that status_light, just add another trigger to automatically select the required value in that table

    => Tick the checkbox to 'pass selections' in the trigger_dialog.

    => In the opened Dashboard, try adding a document_level_trigger, based on the selection in that table, to activate a specific sheet.


    => Last, not least: If you have the same scenario (with a mgmt_dashboard) - don't forget to implement a button in every team_app so they can jump back to their mgmt_Dashboard - you can make that button visible only for management, or maybe the type of licenses used will make sure no one else can use it.




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