Useful SAP transactions to troubleshoot connector problems

    When troubleshooting SAP connectors there are useful transactions that might help finding the root cause of a given problem.


    In this document are detailed some of them that could help both QlikView support as well as the SAP administrator.


    SM21 (Checking the System Log)

    In this transaction one can find error messages that have been recorded in the System Log.


    SM50 Monitoring Work Processes

    In this transaction one can Identify:

    • Work process load
    • Identify locks in the database (lock waits).
    • The CPU and request run time
    • The user who has logged on and the client that they logged on to
    • The programs that are running
    • The tables being read


    ST22 (ABAP Runtime Errors)

    In this transaction one can display detail information about errors ocurred and suggested actions.


    SE11(ABAP Dictionary Table Maintenance)

    In this transaction one can visualuze tables, fields , views, structures etc.


    SE16 (Databrowser)

    In this transaction one can verify the status for flags important when using the extractor connector and different views into the database.


    ST05 (SQL Trace)

    In this transaction one can manage traces.