Show the chart by clicking the dimension in other chart

    Hi All,

    I have tried to find out the solution for the bellow scenario in community, but my bad I did n't get it.



    Suppose, we have 2 charts, one is Bar chart and other one is Pie-chart/Table box, and we have few List boxes. If we click on the dimension(Region) from Bar chart then only the other 2 objects (Pie chart and Table box) should appear. If I made the selection from List box(Region), it won’t showcase the other objects (Pie-chart/Table Box).


    I got the solution for the above scenario using Macro, (no in built function as "GetActiveObjectID()"). If it is achievable with out macro suggestions are welcome.


    I  uploaded the procedure document, sample data and QVW files for reference. It may help others.


    Thanks, Pradeep