QV with R macro coding made easy !


    Thanks to @Elif Tutuk (Integrating QV with R example kit.zip ) for showing us the integration of QV with R.

    As well to bbu for helping out with the integration problems of integration with various version of R.


    I have recently been using this integration, and have found out an easy way of using the macro, without writing same lines of R code in the macro with 'R.EvaluateNoReturn' and the inverted commas.


    Please go through the images attached below.


    1. Just write the R code in a '.R' script file.
    2. Save the file as a '.R' file
    3. Test the file from the R application itself.(You can find on the web as how to run a stored R script. Its very simple!)
    4. Then in the QlikView Macro. Just need to write 4 to 5 lines of code to get it done.




    Qlikview Zoomed in.PNG.png


    1. Please test the R code  in R first and if it executes successfully then integrate
    2. You will need to write the exporting from QV path before this procedure in the Macro.


    I guess some might be knowing this already.

    But I hope it might help someone so felt it worth sharing