Balancing The Information Chaos

    Are you an information hoarder?

    Do you have hard time separating the data chaos we receive every day by truly valuable info?



    Back in the 80's when the Internet was still way behind the good old library, we were stuck with reading books, magazines and research papers to get the information we need. Knowledge wasn't easy to acquire and we were well-trained in systematising it in the best way possible.

    The Dawn of The Information Disarray

    Roughly thirty years later, we are just one click away from getting gigabytes of information for which it would've taken us a lifetime to extract back in the old days. We are constantly getting buried in useless advice and being misformed instead of educated. Despite the great job apps like Evernote do to help us store information, classifying our thoughts, ideas and dreams has become harder than ever.

    Are We Hoarding Information?

    Watching TV shows of house hoarders makes most of us wonder how could these people live entombed in their own belongings. We look away with disgust and judge their lack of balance. Yet, when it comes to organising our own world, we often find ourselves buried even deeper.

    Finding a Way Out

    Selecting the most valuable pieces of the knowledge we receive and managing to put it in use on a daily basis is a task we often overlook. We let ourselves sink into an ocean of thought and ideas not being able to decide what's really worth our attention. Truth is, just like houses need regular cleanup, your mind should be cleansed, as well. Even if you are not able to classify the information on time, you should work on releasing the useless gossip and invaluable facts before they have set deep into your mind.


    Overcoming Information Chaos

    The best way to clear your mind and cleanse it from negative thoughts and useless info is taking a long walk and be around nature. There are various ways to forget information and in most of the times we manage to master the forgetting skill. Yet, when it comes to purposely omit facts, it becomes harder than ever.

    Take your time to classify and sort out the knowledge which is more of a burden than blessing. Organising the incoming information in time will help you turn the chaos into a well-systematised documentation of thoughts, ideas and inspirations.