Qlik Community Tip: Posting Successful Discussion Threads


    8 Tips for posting successful discussion threads


    Qlik Community is a great place to ask questions and collaborate with other members regarding Qlik products. Certain best practices help ensure your question gets attention quickly and the best answers to help you.


    Tip #1

    Make sure you are posting in the right area

    Qlik Community has two main product areas- QlikView and Qlik Sense. Within each of these you can find corresponding forums, resource library and support related content. In order to reach the correct audience be sure to post in the right product area and forum. For example Newbies should post in New to QlikView or New to Qlik Sense. There are topical forums for Development, Scripting, Plug-ins etc. If you have feedback for the community team then post your thread in the Community Information forum. There are active members and moderators participating in each of these areas with corresponding expertise.  


    Tip #2

    Check for Related Posts!!!

    Our forums have an ‘Ask your Question’ widget in the right hand corner. If you begin typing your question the system will display similar questions already asked in that forum to help your research. If the question has already been asked and/or answered you may get a solution more quickly. It’s always best to avoid duplicate questions when possible for a more efficient experience.

    ask your question widget.jpg

    You can also use the search function on the persistent tool bar found in upper right hand corner of any page. If you begin to search the system will try to help you as you type by displaying matching Content, People and Places. If you’re in a forum the default is to search in that forum but you can select the ‘show all results’ to widen your search. 

    search function.jpg

    Tip #3

    Start a Discussion or Ask a Question


    When you click on start a discussion the system defaults to mark it as a Question. If you’re NOT asking a question then you can deselect this. Threads marked as Questions will give other forum users the opportunity to submit answers to your question, and you will have the ability to select up to 2 Helpful and 1 Correct answer for your question. The answer marked as correct gets the most points and the system moves it to the top of the thread above the other answers. Helpful answers also receive points. Discussions NOT marked as questions will not allow you to select Helpful or Correct responses.


    Tip #4

    Title and Body of the thread


    The Title to your thread should immediately tell other members what you need. Experienced members and moderators want to help you. But as they scan through questions they will naturally go first to the items that they know they can answer. If you want your question answered more quickly put a good title on it.


    Examples of Good Titles are:

    • QlikView Help with Salesforce Plugin- Error
    • How to show dimensions side by side in Pivot table?
    • Alternative method for container object


    Examples of Weak Titles are:

    • Hello
    • Help
    • Hi I’m New
    • What’s Wrong
    • Error Message


    The Body of your Thread is below the title and can be customized via the embedded text editor. There is quite a bit of functionality and formatting available to you. If you’re fighting with formatting or have a lot of content try first typing and saving your content in a notepad type application then pasting and formatting it in the embedded text editor.


    Try to give as much context as possible. Describe the problem or question as much as you can and if possible include a screen shot. You can embed the screen shot or any picture directly into your content via the camera icon. Handy screen shot software tools are Greenshot or SnagIt (my personal favorite). If you are referencing another thread, a resource or external link use the embedded link tool. Note that due to spammers external links will automatically kick your document into moderation. We try to approve items in that queue multiple times throughout the day (weekends may take longer).



    Tip #5

    @Mention and Attachments


    The lower right hand corner of the embedded text editor allows you to @mention another member. If you type the @ sign OR click on the @Mention link and then begin typing another members name- First then underscore _ then last name the system will try to help you locate that person. 

    at mention feature.jpg

    The member will then receive a notification via their Inbox area under Activity & Inbox link.

    at mention member notification.jpg


    You can also choose to add attachments here. Check that the attachments aren't too large as it will slow down the posting process. Good examples of attachments Qlik App, Code Snippets, PDF or Word Documents. Be sure you have permission to post the specific document. A good rule of thumb is- If you didn't write it- you probably don’t own it- so don't post it. If the document is already available in the community then just link to it. 


    Tip #6

    Tag your Post


    Tagging adds more metadata to the community and helps members more quickly find the correct content. Below the content editor area of your thread there is a tag window. Begin typing a keyword that relate to your post. If it has already been used in the community the system will display a list of similar tags.


    Tagging best practices

    • Use singular tags when possible
    • Tag with words that help the search function NOT tags such as:  the, and, add, like
    • Simple is better don’t join too many words
    • To join words use an underscore  _  between them
    • If a similar tag already exists try to use it instead of creating a new one


    Tip #7

    Follow your threads and other content via content feeds


    By default Qlik Community has email updates activated for the threads members start or respond to. You will receive an email and/or update to your activity stream when someone responds to your thread.


    You can also follow any content in the community via the options on right hand corner of the page. Follow, Share, Bookmark or Like Content.

    Follow content.jpg


    Tip #8

    Reward other members by marking their responses as Correct, Helpful or Like


    If you post a question please take the time to mark other member’s responses as Correct or Helpful. This assigns them points and may also help complete missions. If the discussion is not marked as a question or you don’t own it, you may also ‘like’ other member’s responses.


    Answered Questions will not display in the ‘Unanswered Questions’ tab found in the forums. The Icon next to an answered question displays as green and an unanswered question is blue.

    Thanks for your participation- you are welcome to share some of your tips and best practices as well!