Hierarcy, not connected, need som help to solve "puzzle". Please :-)


    I have been trying for a while to make something, and I am about to loose mye mind ;-)

    This is my simplified dataload, my acctual data contains MUCH more data
    This is my dataload.jpg

    How can I make my data in my load to connect and like this:

    Want my dataload to look like this.jpg


    When I press on Drammen, my two only valid options will be Konnerud & Åssiden                                


    I can make connections/mapping/renaming in my load, but I dont know how to, can anyone help me?                                                         

    So to sum it up:                                                                                             
    1 digit is always Country, shall be connectet to all Communities thats starts with the same number
    2 digits is always Community, shall be connectet to all Cities that starts with the same two number
    4 digits is always City, shall be connectet to all Places that starts with the same four number
    5 digits is always Places                                                                              


    Its hard to explain, but please ask if you need a better explanation :-)                                                                             


    Thank you so very much in advance for any suggestions or help to solve this puzzle