Qlikview introduction for beginners

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    Thanks for viewing the post. This post gives an overview of QlikView and gives a basic idea of what the tool can do all about.



    QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool or Reporting tool which is currently leading in the market.



    QliView was founded by the company QlikTech and the first version of QlikView was released on 2005 which was QlikView 7.0



    QlikView releases sub versions which are known as Service Release commonly known as SR. The versions released by Qlikview are 7,8,9,10,11.



    The concept of Business Intelligence in simple statement is to Load Data and Predict the future in the form of graphics or visuals which are known as Dashboards. QlikView has a cutting edge over many other BI tools because of many factors mainly for its Rich User Interface, Fastness, Low Infrastructure cost and high interactivity.



    There are few components for QlikView which has a separate license pricing for each component and an option of free trial for QlikView desktop is available to explore and learn QlikView. The main components are:



    1. QlikView Desktop – For all developers and designers. End output is a dashboard. Desktop is available for free and can be installed in Windows OS only.



    2. QlikView Server – For deploying the dashboards to the server and sharing to the clients for accessing through internet.



    3. QlikView Publisher – For managing user and document permissions. Apart from permissions, it is also used for scheduling the task to reload or send emails which can be triggered by tasks that can run recurrently.



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