Why QlikView, most commonly known for!

    Hi Reader,



    You might have seen my introduction to QlikView in my previous post. The next question comes to everyones mind is why QlikView?



    QlikView is one of the leading BI tools in the market and has cutting edge over tools because of below reasons:



    1. Load Multiple Datasources ( SQL, Oracle, etc.)



    2. Rich User Interface with various themes.



    3. No limitation on the data support. Can support Big Data such as Hadoop.



    4. Cost effective when compared to other BI Tools. Each maintenance of Server and Desktop applications.



    5. Integration with .Net or Java web applications.



    6. Multi Dimensional Charts - 13 charts and also external objects such as Google Maps, Arc GIS maps can be integrated with QlikView.



    7. Faster interactivity between the sheet objects or sheets in the dashboard.



    8. Features such as export to excel, printing to pdf, reports creation.



    9. Calling Stored procedures into the data model.



    10. ETL capabilities to some extent which reduces lot of hours and effort for developers.



    There are many more but these are major advantages of QlikView. Please follow my posts to know more about QlikView.