Hello QlikView.xls

    Reading a book called "hello qlikview for beginners". They had me download an excel file, open a new doc and "use the wizard to create a qvw out of the excel file and create a bar graph." The only problem was that when I clicked on the shortcut for open new page no wizard popped up. Is there a way to enable that? I thought that I could figure out a way around it by editing the script. I went to edit script, then clicked on table files, saved it as as qvw, and then reloaded it to get the columns to create the bar graph. The book says to select country as a dimension for the bar graph but all i see is @1, @2, etc. I'm guessing the best way to solve this problem is to enable the wizard feature as I open a new document. Somehow I must have disabled this, can someone help me please?