QlikView App - Structure File Viewer

    QlikView creates a number of log files and XML files.  From project folders through to reload logs and QMC schedules.  Perhaps unsurprisingly the best tool to consume these files is QlikView itself.


    This application loads the structure files that QlikView allows you to extract based on the data model of the currently open app.  It then gives a few simple ways of viewing that information.


    There is an accompanying blog post describing the ways that you can use the structure files created by QlikView, and apps such as this to quickly get a handle on a new data source and work out a plan of attack to analyse it.


    This can be found here:



    There is also a list of the other apps that I have made available on Qlik Community on the site, here:



    If you have any questions about the application, or suggestions on how it could be improved, please leave these below or in the comments on the blog post itself.