Mapping load - any way to make this temporary?

    I've got a file (some examples of fields attached) which I have multiple rows (invoices) under a parent id. I have brought in the row data into the file, and then from the same source data have created a mapping load to identify the settlement type of the first invoice in the parent group (indicated by 'New' in the New/Ongoing column on main data load). I want this across all invoices i.e. 4 invoices in one parent group, first settlement was 'Paid in Full' - so want this added into the QV data set against all 4 rows.


    Now this all works perfectly and does what I need (see attached), but longer term I don't want to have to keep updating the mapping load. Is there anyway to get Qlikview to do this for me i.e. create a temporary mapping load from the main data set using only the 2 fields needed, and using this to apply map against main data set and then delete itself so I don't get duplicates? Myself and a colleague have tried to do it as Resident load, but not been successful - is this the right tool, and if so how do I get it to work with attached example?