Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields

    Separate reports can be created automatically with NPrinting for all of the combinations of values of the fields you want.  If, for example, you want to create a sales report for each year and country combination, all you need to do is add the year and country fields into the cycle feature in your report and NPrinting will generate an individual file for each country, each year.


    Report Predisposed for Cycles

    1. Select a PowerPoint report
    2. Click on the Cycle icon in the Show group of the tool bar
    3. Put a check mark in the Enable cycle box by clicking on it

    Add Field(s) to Cycle on

    1. Click on the Add icon in the Cycle group of the tool bar
    2. Select a Field to cycle on
    3. Click on the OK button


    Repeat this series of sub-steps to add other fields one at a time. Be aware that the number of reports that will be created is the product of the number of values for each field, e.g. your Salesman field has 2 values, Products field has 3 values, and you want quarterly reports for last year => 2  x 3 x 4 = 24 individual reports will be created.


    Save Report with Cycle Settings


    Select the Save and Close icon


    Dynamic Naming


    When you Enable cycles, Dynamic Naming is enabled automatically. If it were not, all cycle generated reports would have the same name and would therefore be written each over the preceding one. See: Dynamic Report Naming


    Adapt Report


    Add CH212 - Sales by Category TY vs. LY to the Template as an image, see How to Create PowerPoint Reports


    Add Formulas


    This report will be cycled on Salesmen and Years so the "getFieldSelections(Salesman)" and "=getFieldSelections(Year)" formulas have been added to the template to make identifying the report easy, see Formulas


    Create Report Task

    1. Select Tasks in the bottom left pane
    2. Select Report Tasks in the upper left pane
    3. Click on Report Task in the New group of the toolbar


    Cycles are run in tasks. Preview of a report will not generate cycles.


    Set up Report Task


    Identify the task and enter the basic task parameters.


    Add Report to Task

    1. Select the Reports icon in the Show group of the tool bar
    2. Click on Add in the Reports group

    Select Report

    1. Select the report to be generated
    2. Click on the OK button

    Conclude Task Creation

    1. Output can be in a different format than the original template. See: How to Create Tasks
    2. Select Save and Close


    We suggest that you to insert a couple of filters to limit the number of combinations for a reasonably brief generation time while training. For instance, add a filter to the task that eliminates all but two years and another that eliminates all but two salesman. That way you'll get 2 years multiplied by two salesmen producing four different PowerPoint files.


    Generate the Reports

    1. Make sure the task for generating the report is selected
    2. Click on Run in the Task group


    The task can be checked for errors without generating any reports by clicking on the ABC Check button in the Task group


    Jubilate Success


    Select from Generated Reports