NPrinting On-Demand: Installation

    Installation steps:

    1. Download the QlikView_NPrinting_Server.exe from the website into a temporary folder.
    2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.
    3. Run NPrinting Management Console and activate the license (Resources > Product Activation) you have received, if not active yet, otherwise click on the “Update license information” button in the NPrinting Activation window
    4. Please download NPrinting Training Material from the link NPrinting 16 Training & Installation/Upgrade Information and extract it into C:\NPrintingTraining\ so that the the relative path structure continues to be valid
    5. Add “C:\NPrintingTraining\NPrintingFiles\OnDemand.nsq” to the “NPrinting Files list” which is found in the NPrinting Management console>'Services' section
    6. Enter the username and password of a machine admin user who has “Logon as a Service” privileges and an active, valid QlikView license. Do not use the Qlikview service account to run the NPrinting Services
    7. NPrinting Management Console: Install the service (click on “Install”)
    8. NPrinting Management Console: Start the service (click on “Start”)
    9. Verify that the NPrinting Web Service is correctly installed by opening the internal.log file in the %appdata%/NPrinting/ODS folder, using a text editor. An “On-Demand service has started successfully” string should be printed in the log.
    10. If Qlikview Server runs on a different machine than your QlikView NPrinting Server, then run again the setup QlikView_NPrinting_Server.exe and choosing the “NPrinting Extensions” only option on the Qlikview Server machine
    11. Check that the firewall settings match the “Firewall settings” section below.


    NPrinting Designer installation


    NPrinting On-Demand does not require QlikView NPrinting Designer installation. You need to have an QlikView NPrinting Designer installed if you want to modify NPrinting Project files, design report templates or configure tasks. Follow QlikView NPrinting Designer documentation to install it. QlikView NPrinting Designer will not be discussed further in this document.


    NPrinting Component installation


    This installation is required only if you use QlikView NPrinting Extension Objects on a developer machine on which QlikView NPrinting Server is not installed, but need to edit or create QlikView documents containing QlikView NPrinting Extension Objects.

    NOTE: Custom objects (IE Plugin) are no longer supported from NPrinting and forward. Therefore components for IE Plugin custom objects will no longer be included in the installation executable files. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that previous versions of IE Plugin On Demand Components (NP 15.7 or lower) will continue to work with the current and future versions of the QlikView NPrinting Server 16.0 and higher.

    To install the Ajax On Demand components on NPrinting Designer computer and or QlikView Desktops, simply copy the NPrinting Server installation file to the target computer, run the installation, select ‘Custom’ installation, remove “Server” from the installation setup and complete the installation.