How do I set up e-mail in NPrinting?

    NPrinting not only generates your reports, but also distributes them. This can be done by attaching them to an e-mail message, but you need to set several e-mail parameters In order to send your reports as e-mail attachments.


    Set up E-mail

    1. Click on the File tab in the upper left-hand corner of the window.
    2. Click on the Options button. This will open the Options window.

    Go to E-mail Settings


    Attention: Starting from NPrinting 15.3, OpenSSL is no longer necessary in order to send email using TLS.

    1. Click on the E-mail settings button
    2. Select the E-mail protocol you are going to use: SMTP or Simple MAPI*. If you select SMTP the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) section will become available
    3. Select the Use TLS (Transport Layer Security) check box  if your SMTP server requires you to use Transport Layer Security**
    4. Enter the name of your SMTP server in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) text box. Enter the port number. If you are using TLS, NPrinting will specify the values you can choose
    5. If your SMTP server requires authentication, check the box
    6. Specify a User name and Password
    7. Enter a Default Sender E-mail address
    8. Click on Send test E-mail to test the connection. Insert your e-mail address in the little window that appears and click on OK. This will send an automatically generated message to your e-mail address

    * If you use simple MAPI then you must have a MAPI client installed and NPrinting must be set as a "trusted" application for the MAPI client otherwise a warning will be generated when NPrinting sends e-mail messages.

    ** If your SMTP server requires TLS, then you must install the 32 bit version of OpenSSL which you can download here:


    Conclude Setting Up E-mail

    1. Enter e-mail addresses to which you want all of your reports to be CC'd or BCC'd if so desired
    2. Click on OK