How to Run a Task Only after Previous QlikView Document Reload on Current Day

    This tutorial explains how to run an NPrinting task only if the QlikView document has been reloaded. Control is based on a variable in the QlikView document. The variable contains the date and time of the last reload. The NPrinting report task contains a condition that checks the variable and reports will be generated only if the QlikView document has been reload that same day. Create a frequently executed schedule that runs the conditioned task. The process is very fast if the condition is not satisfied.


    Create New QlikView Variable


    Use QlikView to open SalesDemo.qvw found in the C:\NPrintingTraining\QlikViewDocuments\ folder

    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on Variable Overview

    Start New Variable Creation Process


    Click on the Add button.


    Name New Variable

    1. Enter IsQVReloaded as the Variable Name
    2. Click on the OK button

    Configure Variable

    1. Make sure IsQVReloaded is selected in the Variables field
    2. Enter the formula =(TEXT(DATE(ReloadTime(), 'YYYYMMDD')) = TEXT(DATE(Today(), 'YYYYMMDD'))) in the Definition field box
    3. Click on the OK button

    Begin Condition Creation

    1. Select Conditions
    2. Conditions is pre-selected
    3. Click on Condition in the New group

    Configure Condition

    1. Enter IsQVReloaded as the condition Name
    2. Enter a Description optionally
    3. Clicking on the browse button to the right of the Variable field
    4. Select the IsQVReloaded variable from the selection list
    5. Make sure the relationship is set to is equal to
    6. Set Value to -1
    7. Click on the Save and Close icon in the Actions group

    Begin Excel Report Creation

    1. Select Reports
    2. Select Excel reports
    3. Click on Excel Report in the New group

    Identify Report

    1. Enter ExcelReport - IsQVReloaded as the report Name
    2. Enter a Description optionally

    Add Condition to Report

    1. Select the Conditions icon in the Show group
    2. Click on the Add icon in the Conditions group
    3. Select the IsQVReloaded condition
    4. Click on the OK button

    Open New Template in Template Editor


    Click on the New icon in the Template group


    Add and Embed Table

    1. Add CH212 - Over Time object as a table and then drag and drop it into the template, see: How to Create Excel Reports
    2. Click on the Save and Close icon in the Actions group to save the template and close the Template Editor

    Save and Close Report


    Click on the Save and Close icon in the Actions group of the tool bar to save the report and close the configuration window.


    Open New Report Task

    1. Select Tasks
    2. Select Report Tasks
    3. Click on Report Task in the New group

    Configure Report Task

    1. Enter IsQVReloaded as the task Name
    2. Enter a Description optionally
    3. Task output folder.

    Add recipients and an e-mail message if you desire.


    Add Report to Report Task

    1. Select the Reports icon in the Show group
    2. Click on the Add icon in the Reports group
    3. Begin entering a key word of the report title in the Search field
    4. Select ExcelReport - IsQVReloaded if there is more than one candidate report
    5. Click on the OK button or, if there is only one candidate, hit the Enter key on your keyboard

    Run IsQVReloaded Task


    After Saving and Closing the Task:

    1. Make sure it is selected in the task list
    2. Click on the Run icon in the Task group

    Note Warning


    The Warning: The condition “IsQVReloaded” for the report “IsQVReloaded” was not met tells us IsQVReloaded condition has not been satisfied and so ExcelReport - IsQVReloaded generation is terminated and nothing is distributed.


    Create New Job

    1. Select Schedules
    2. Select Jobs
    3. Click on Job in the New group

    Configure IsQVReloaded Job

    1. Create a job named IsQVReloaded, see: How to Create Jobs
    2. Open the Select Tasks window

    Add Tasks to Job

    1. Add the Reload QlikView Docment and IsQVReloaded tasks to the job in sequence
    2. Save and Close the job

    Run "IsQVReloaded" Job

    1. Make sure the IsQVReloaded job is selected
    2. Click on the Run icon in the Job group

    The reload will be executed and the report generated and distributed as long as the condition is met.

    If you reload a QlikView docment stored on a QlikView server, you can create a job containing only a task that sends the report and schedules it. NP sends the report only if the QlikView docment has been updated.


    Successful Report Generation and Distribution


    Note that The condition “IsQVReloaded” for the report “IsQVReloaded” was met.


    Inspect Report


    Open the Excel - IsQVreloaded.xlsx file in C:\NPrintingTraining\Output to inspect it.