Dynamically defined sets

    Hello Community,


    QlikView has a very powerful feature - Set Analysis, when aggregation function aggregate over pre-defined sets of field values. The worst word here for me is pre-defined. For experienced QlikView Developer and Consultant it's not a problem. But what about business user?

    What if user wants to make set right now and only once?


    Everybody who worked with Tableau knows what is Sets there. You can pick any values of field and group them as one entity, then you can pick another field values and group them as another entity. Afterwards you can create visualizations (charts) based on these new entities - sets. And everything of that can be done by USER.


    I thought a little bit about this issue and decided to reproduce this behavior in QlikView. In the attached document you will find very simple example how it could work.


    More about QlikView COM API you can learn from QlikView Core COM API Guide - Version 11


    Enjoy, Improve and Share!



    Andrei Kaliahin