Color Play

    Hi QlikView fans,


    I would like to share example of using "variable approach" to change color attributes of frontend objects.


    What you need to do is just create 4 variables:




    vRGB = ($(vRed), $(vGreen), $(vBlue)) ,


    3 slider objects each with one variable of color spectrum and 2 text objects to quickly copy either variable (vRGB) or RGB values.


    Now, you can place vRGB wherever exists possibility to format color (bar, line, caption, font, ...),

    after you find appropriate color using sliders just right click on "RGB value text object" and copy values to clipboard as a text and

    overwrite previous vRGB by (ex. RGB(190, 190, 0) ) in color definition field or create new "global variable" for next use.


    Whether you like to play with chart colors to find contrast between your dimension values or you just do not like searching right color by re-opening object properties and changing color atributes in color tab.


    Hope would be helpful.


    A sample provided below contains Ctrl+Q+Q data.


    PS: This is my first doc post, both positive or negative comments are welcome.