Technical roadmap for successful installation of NPrinting environment

    This is a roadmap to assist in having the correct information to successfully setup an NPrinting environment.


    To accurately configure your NPrinting environment, please ensure all the points in the troubleshooting/configuration online documentation below are met:


    For information about NPrinting requirements, please see the following link:


    With regard to email setup, although you can use MAPI as an email client (trusted application), we do not suggest that you use this as it limits your ability to send embedded NPrinting email reports. Configuring the SMTP server is the preferred solution for the majority of NPrinting Server customers. To configure SMTP setting, please see the link below:

    Key points to remember after reviewing the above:

    1. NPrinting server requires a dedicate NPrinting server service account
    2. A dedicated QV cal must be assigned to the NPrinting server service account
    3. You must not share the NPrinting server service account with any other windows service. You must NOT use the QV server service account to run the NPrinting server service.
    4. The NPrinting server service account must have file and folder security permission to access QVWs NSQ and report templates that might be store on the network.


    On Demand components must be installed where ever the On Demand objects must be viewed from when using the QV desktop. They must also be installed on the Access Point server. Installation steps can be found in the NPrinting release notes via the link below:



    Please check these points above and you should be well on your way to a healthy operating NPrinting Environment.