Issues using variables/functions in set analysis



    I have the below dimension in pivot table:


    Aggr( Count ( DISTINCT {<[Origine DATI] = {I,O,S,F}, [Flag statistiche C21] = {S}, [Flag statistiche C58] = {T, Q, V},

    [Data Ordine] = {"$(=Today())"}, [Tipo provvigioni] = {'+'} >} [Numero Ordine]),

      [Codice Agente])


    It works fine in QlikView but doesn't works in Qlik Sense.


    I tried to replace the Today() function with 06-30-2015 and it works fine.


    But of course I need to use Today() function.


    Can anyone help me ?


    Attached you can see the real use case, to achieve the pivot table on the right I used 07-03-2015 in set analysis instead of today() function.


    Also take a look at second attachment, it's the error I get using today() function in set analysis.


    Many thanks in advance.


    Best Regards