Using the right chart based on the requirement///

    Using the right charts:


    When to use a bar chart

    Comparisons for similar measurements

    Actual vs. Budget   money to money, qty to qty

    Amount over time   time to time

    Top N   category values (e.g. sales reps)


    Line Charts

    Measurement to follow its movements

    Comparisons among items

    Performance Trends   Amount movements over time

    Compare 2 dimensions   Annual Comparisons over months



    Combo Chart

    Comparisons for multi-measurements

    Two measures   Currency amount and quantity

      Amount and percentage

    Two axis   Left-axis and right axis for measurements

    Two or more axis   Split axis horizontally


    Radar Chart

    Comparisons of high level groups

    One or Two measurements   Sales and Profit

    (Avoid a dimension with many values)


    Gauge Charts

    Ratio of measurements

    Percentages   Margin, Quota Achieved, YTD vs. Last YTD

    (Avoid actual amounts)


    Scatter Chart

    Measurements act as dimensions (3D chart)

    3D measurement chart   Amounts, quantity and # of customers

    Map chart   Sales on geographical map



    Grid Chart

    2 or 3 dimensions with a measurement

    Multi-cross dim measures  Amount over region and product

    over time


    Pie Chart

    Visual distribution measurements

    What contributes how to the whole   Regional Sales

    Yes / No analysis


    Block Chart

    One dimension with multiple measurements

    KPI Overview  Cycle group dimension with Sales, Qty, Margin

    Sort in any columns (No grouping)



    Pivot Table

    Multi-dimensions with one or more measurements

    Grouping of dimensions  Product sales by item

    Dimension across table  Annual sales by months

    Variance calculation using before( )

    No repetition of the same values (grouped)

    No end-user sort by double-click