Dynamic Chart for each selected Product

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    We had a dynamic chart requirement based on the product selection from Product Listbox.


    If we have many products, we never know which of the products user may selects. So we have to pick the user selections to render the separate Chart for each product selection.


    In the attached document, I have allowed maximum of 8 products (so 8 dynamic charts) for comparision. So even though user selects 10 products, we will render the charts for only First 8 products of his selection.


    For this requirement , I have tried with Trellis chart as Product type as Trellis dimension. Since Scale in Trellis chart is static , this is not much useful approach for me.


    Please find attached QVW which may be useful for others . All the Best.



    Here is the orginal post I have asked in Community.

    Dyanamic chart for each product type selected(sales progress by date)


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