NPrinting 16 Training & Installation/Upgrade Information

    Whether you are new to NPrinting or a seasoned NPrinting developer, below you will find important basic training material (as well as advanced training material) to help you get on your way to becoming a NPrinting Superstar developer.

    (Note: NP 17 Requirements, Installation and designer information can be found at the following link: What is Qlik NPrinting? ‒ Qlik NPrinting)

    Basic training Video page:

    QlikView NPrinting Basic Training Video


    Advanced training Video page:

    QlikView NPrinting Advanced Training Video


    The training slides from the videos can be downloaded from each respective page:

    - Qlikview NP Basic Training Slides

    - Qlikview NP Advanced Training Slides


    Additionally, the general NPrinting training repository or (NSQs, QVWs and report templates) containing hundreds of report samples can be downloaded directly from this page under the Attachments below.

    This zip file must be extracted to c:\NPrintingTraining to prevent the relative paths from breaking.

    Additional important installation, upgrade and configuration resources:

    Requirements for NPrinting 16.x.x.x versions only

    Install QlikView NPrinting Release 16.x.x.x

    Configuring and Troubleshooting NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

    NPrinting On-Demand: Supported Environments & Minimum Requirements

    How to Use NPrinting On Demand Extensions in QlikView Documents

    QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials by Subject

    QlikView NPrinting Community

    *Please note the following End of Life Information regarding NP 16.x.x.x*

    QlikView 11.20 End of Life moved back to 31 March 2018