Do points really make the difference?



    Sometimes you get to that point in life when you look back and remember how things used to be and reminisce about how they were better back then... Now I don't want to moan. No, really I don't but the Qlik community point system is adding value to whom?


    To quote a popular phrase, "Points mean prizes!" but do they? On the community the point system allows users to compete. In fact the gamification of life is all around us. How many friends / followers do you have on social media, how many times have you started levelling up again on COD and the community point system.


    Back in the day life was simpler. Questions were asked and community members worked their little socks off to support the developer in need. Who benefited? Well both parties did in my opinion. Not only did someone get the support they needed but the helper often got an opportunity to solve a micro issue and possibly stretch their understanding in the process.


    Now, this still happens although in my experience it has been taken over somewhat with the ever present need to increase points, ranking and kudos within the community often at the detriment to what's important.


    Some of the things I'm seeing:

    • Multiple reply's of the same answer to the same question. Once I replied and my answer was cut and pasted back into the same thread.
    • Copying lines from popular blogs and using them as questions
    • Two accounts. One posting "Great Post" and the other marking it as helpful (repeatedly, although I wonder if they'll do it to this post).


    So what are people doing this? The only answer I can think of is to earn points and climb higher in the ranking. What I can't work out is why? Job Prospects maybe...... Well I can say that it would hinder rather than help, when recruiting I look at activity to gain insight over a potential new employee and these types of traits may gain community points but they certainly don't earn any points with me.


    Wouldn't it be great to go back to those simpler times?




    PS - This will be my only post for today. 5pts for the post and if I reach the tagging limit that's a further 20pts. I get 2pts per like so please if you could that will be great (nothing for a bookmark though, not in this game).